CarbaCap's Lifetime Warranty

The CarbaCap is a reliable and highly tested device that is handmade. However we know that being human, mistakes can happen. The CarbaCap has a lifetime warranty. If you feel that your CarbaCap is not working properly, simply mail it to us. We will send you a new CarbaCap replacment by mail.

     1969 South Alafaya Trail #223
     Orlando, FL 32828 USA

  • Make sure you are using the Instructions listed on the card that came with your CarbaCap and on this website.
  • Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for an on-line assistance.
  • We must have just the CarbaCap unit back (or it's broken remains) for testing and quality assurance purposes.
  • Please print out your return address and place it inside the envelope/box.
  • When mailing CarbaCap's back to us please use inexpensive postage.
  • No need to require signatures or insurance on mailing.
  • Optional... You can send us an email regarding warranty issues to Info@CarbaCap.com.

​Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.